What Is Balance Float?

Balance float is money within the banking system that is briefly counted twice due to time gaps in registering deposits or withdrawals. Float can influence various parts of finance, including interest-earning and company attractiveness. Individuals and companies often play with float to gain time or earn interest before payment clears their bank account. This practice … Read more

What is a Negative Balance on a Credit Card?

There are several reasons why you may see a negative balance on your credit card. One of the most common is an overpayment on your monthly bill. Another is a return of a purchased item for a refund, which usually results in the vendor reversing that charge. Transfer it to another card A negative balance … Read more

What Are the Number of Business Days in a Year?

A business day is any day in which normal business operations are conducted. This typically equates to Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM local time. There are many variations in how business days are defined worldwide, due to labor practices, traditions, religious observances, and more. Understanding these differences can help businesses better … Read more

The Importance of Balance Sheet Reconciliation

Balance sheet reconciliation is a process that compares the closing balance of a business’s assets with its liabilities. It is a crucial accounting and auditing practice that ensures the values presented in a balance sheet are accurate, complete and representative of reality. Reconciliations are essential for internal controls to protect against errors, fraud and misrepresentation. … Read more

The Importance of Annual Business Revenue

Annual business revenue is a crucial metric that many financial experts use to evaluate a company’s financial health. It’s also an important metric that banks look at during the small-business loan application process. Annual business revenue is the amount of income a company generates by selling products, services, investments, and other assets during a 12-month … Read more

Is Saturday a Business Day?

A business day is a day of the week when normal business operations are conducted. In most countries, business days run from Monday to Friday and normally include normal business hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. In some countries, however, Saturday is not considered a business day. This is because Saturdays are often not … Read more

Is a Business Degree Worth It?

As a business student, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from faculty who have worked in your chosen field. This allows you to apply your knowledge directly to real-world situations and build your resume. You’ll also have the chance to partner with local, national or international businesses to gain valuable experience that will set you … Read more