What is Balance?

Balance is the correct amount of any quality that leads to harmony or evenness. It’s also the steadiness that keeps your body on your feet and helps you cope with life’s stressors.

Often the verb form of balance involves one thing correctly weighed against another, like when you balance your budget or weigh in on your children’s classroom. See also a list of synonyms below.


Balance is the correct amount of one quality or thing compared to another. It can be a physical balance, such as when you walk or dance, or it can be the right amount of finances, like the total amount you still owe on a loan. Balance is also the term used to describe a harmonious arrangement or relation between parts or elements of a whole.

A synonym for balance is equipoise, which refers to an equal state of things. It is sometimes used to refer to a condition in which two things have the same importance or value, or to a state in which two powers are regulated so that they are not overpowered by one another. It can also be used to refer to the same thing as balance, such as a balanced argument or discussion.

The word balance is derived from the Latin balancere, meaning “to weigh.” It can refer to a person who weighs something or someone, or it can be a tool that helps you weight something. It can also be a synonym for the word balance sheet, which is a list of debits and credits entered into an account during a certain period. It can also be a synonym for a balance chart, which is a diagram showing the balance between debits and credits in an account.

The word balance is a common synonym for many other words, including prove, oppose, even, equalize, and surplus. The word can also be used to refer to a number of different qualities, such as courage and realism.


Balance is the ability to keep a particular part of something steady. For example, if you balance your weight between both sides of your body, you remain stable and don’t fall over. If you want to achieve a balanced life, you need to exercise regularly and eat healthily. A balanced diet can help you to lose weight and improve your overall health. You can also balance your work-life balance by taking some time off during the week to spend more time with family or friends.

Balance is an important concept in everyday life and has several shades of meaning, from the physical to the financial. For instance, when you balance a checkbook or the balance on your bank account, you make sure that both sides are equal in amount and value. A well balanced diet can help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent diabetes. A balanced diet can also help you to feel more energetic and alert. Similarly, a balanced attitude can help you to succeed in school or at work. Finally, a well balanced diet can also improve your sleep and reduce stress.


The word balance comes from the Greek balakos, meaning “two pans.” It is also related to the Latin bilancia, which means “scales” and was first used in English in the Middle Ages. It refers to the scales that are commonly seen in markets and in your mother’s kitchen, two flat surfaces connected by a beam and poised on a central pivot.

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Balance is an elusive concept in most people’s lives, but it can be achieved with a little planning and hard work. A balanced budget can help you reach your financial goals and avoid a debt crisis. A balanced diet can help keep your weight in check and reduce stress. It can also lead to increased energy levels and a more positive outlook on life. The best way to learn how to achieve balance is to talk to an expert.

The word balance is most commonly associated with one’s wallet or bank account, but it’s also used to describe the proper use of one’s time, talent and treasure. A balanced budget can keep you out of trouble and on the right track, while a balanced diet can ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to function at peak performance. The most interesting thing about balance is that it can be difficult to achieve. To find the optimal balance you need to make some sacrifices and learn how to live with the consequences. The key is to be realistic and be clear about what you can and cannot afford, and then decide on the best course of action.

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